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Fritsche and Thomas, P.C.
3929 Blenheim Blvd, Suite 91A
Fairfax, VA 22030
Phone: (703) 267-9642
Fax: (703) 267-9646

John Fritsche - jfritsche@fritschethomas.com
Steve Thomas - sthomas@fritschethomas.com

Maria Bottlick - mbottlick@fritschethomas.com
Khushali Chheda - kchheda@fritschethomas.com
Amy Persil - apersil@fritschethomas.com
Dawn Rossi - drossi@fritschethomas.com
Jamie Wacht - jwacht@fritschethomas.com
Fritsche & Thomas is a law firm that specializes in income tax, wealth transfer planning, business legal services and financial planning. We provide value to individuals and businesses by offering comprehensive legal and accounting services so that our clients can create and maintain wealth. We also provide value by offering our services at a reasonable cost. Having one firm coordinate both your legal and accounting needs makes our firm unique and enables you to achieve your goals.
If you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact us. Please note that we discourage the use of email for the transmission of confidential or sensitive material. For general questions, the following links might be of some assistance: 
Internal Revenue Service http://www.irs.gov/
Virginia Tax Department http://www.state.va.us/tax/tax.html
State of Virginia Government http://www.state.va.us/home/governmt.html
Virginia Bar Association http://www.vba.org/
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